Woman demands boyfriend pay £350 to replace seven stolen bras after laundry blunder

A woman wasn’t happy at all after her boyfriend came back from the laundrette without her washing bag filled with bras, having left them behind by mistake. She demanded he go back and find them but by the time he returned, the bag had vanished completely, and the bras had presumably been stolen.

The shop owner admitted there was probably no way they’d be able to get her pinched laundry back, and she’s now been left seven bras short. To make matters more frustrating, the irritated girlfriend claims she wears a 32K cup size, meaning she can’t just simply pop into any shop and grab a bra off the shelf.

She says the seven stolen bras had set her back £350 ($400), and now expects her boyfriend to replace them, given he was the one to leave the bag behind. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see things in quite the same way.

Taking to Reddit, where she goes by the username u/Delicious-Eye7035, the exasperated woman recalled: “When I asked him to please replace them since he’s the one who lost them, he at first agreed – until I sent him links to each of the bras (minus one no longer made), and the cost was nearly £350 ($400.)

“He told me that he would be happy to replace one or two of them, but that I was spending way too much on bras and he couldn’t justify the cost.

“I said that while it’s not ideal, I could accept if he could buy me the two I need the most and then over time, replace the others. He said no, that’s not really any better.

“I told him that when I accidentally spilled car oil all over his college hoodie, I went right out and immediately replaced it, even though it was from the school bookshop so it was incredibly overpriced. He said that was completely different.”

He’s now told her she spends too much on bras and that she “should try harder to find something that fits at the mall”. His sister apparently also agrees and she’s now wondering if she should just accept this critique and move on.

One fellow Reddit user advised: “Tell your boyfriend and his sister to hop on over to the mall and find some bras with a K cup. Tell them to check every store and not to return without one.

“They could spend days searching the mall and not find a single bra in your size. Especially a K cup with a small band size.”

Another said: “I’m also a K and I still have yet to find a bra that doesn’t poke, pinch, leave welts, and just cause general misery.

“I’m a total cheapskate but I spend money on bras, shoes, and a bed. Those three are critical. They are ridiculous to tell her she’s spending too much to find the comfort they take for granted. If this isn’t breakup worthy for you, at least tell him he has lost all access to your Ks until he replaces all of the bras.”